If you need anything or require help with your corporate housing search please email us at letsgo@nestapart.com or tweet us @NestApart for a fast reply.

How do I access NestApart?
Click here to view Nest corporate apartments.
What is NestApart?
NestApart provides instant bookable modern corporate housing designed for frequent business travelers. Every step is simplified from instant booking, to online payment, concierge service via text, and hassle free move-in and out. Avoid the hassle of leasing or legacy corporate housing companies!
What is required to sign up?
Register with your company email and we will approve your request.
Can anyone use NestApart?
No. We are an exclusive members only service for frequent business travelers allowing us to offer business perfect properties that are not available to random vacation travelers.
What will you do with my data?
Nothing except validate your identity and help you make bookings. We will never share your identity or personal information with others outside of your bookings. We will never use your data with out your explicit permission.
Why NestApart for your next trip?
Stay in properties designed for frequent business travelers
Curated and tested selection of consistently high standard properties
Corporate billing and expense system to accommodate your company bookings
Healthy ready to cook kitchen and pantry shopping service
Space to stretch, bring your family, or team
Productive workspace with fast wifi, and a comfortable productive desk
Rewards points for free stays
Automated check-in, check-out, identity verification
Automated locks and access
Scheduled global billing
Simple flexible cancellation process
Pay in $USD around the world
I have a question? Need assistance?
Email us at letsgo@nestapart.com 24x7 for a fast reply and a call back if needed or call us at 415-360-8900.
What type of properties can I find on NestApart?
We have only a few carefully selected options in each city, but they are all reviewed and tested for our standard. We keep the selection to a small proven group of providers we know you will love and provide a consistent awesome level of service.
Where do you operate ?
We aim to be truly global across all the major metros. Presently we are focused on San Francisco, London, NYC, and Austin. More locations on the way!
What is a "Business Perfect" accommodation?
By "Business Perfect" we mean that it has been approved for NestApart and met our strict requirements and we have updated it with our core set of amenities and services. We look for properties that are beautiful, impeccably maintained, new where possible, centrally located, with modern climate controls, comfortable beds and furniture, working clean everything, fast Internet, and of course great value for what you are getting. In cities like SF, NYC, and London, seasoned travelers know that quality is all over the map and it can be really hard to find a place of high standard. Instead of risking it, find consistently awesome standards with NestApart.
What is your cancellation and refund policy?
NestApart has a consistent policy across all providers to make life easier for everyone. For extended stays 30 nights and greater as leasing contracts are impacted cancellation is only possible if we find another client to take on the booking period. If providers are not able fill the booking period they reserve the right to keep your paid funds. Refunds can be requested online in your reservations tab.
How do I access my accommodation?
An address and provider phone and email are given at the time of booking with instructions for access. In the properties where automated locks exist you can access the property with your phone. We will give instructions on how to do this with your booking. Providers are obligated to make sure you can access the property no matter what the time. NestApart uniquely guarantees that you can arrive at any time, so if you are flying around the world you can count on getting access to your accommodation after an exhausting flight.
What are the check-in and check-out times?
The NestApart standard is 12pm noon check-out and 3pm check-in. Many providers will allow for early check-in and late check-out if requested. Be sure to ask a day early for best results.
How is payment accepted?
Mastercard, Visa, Amex. For longer stays your company can also set up ach bank transfers or pay by invoice.
Can I schedule billing for long stays?
Yes, we can schedule your billing for approved corporate accounts. Monthly bill scheduling is available for any stay over 60 days. Look for the scheduled option during booking.
Can I use NestApart for our company bookings?
Yes, we have set up NestApart to make life easy for company bookings. Business travelers can book directly, or your travel department can book for them. You can also set up centralized payment, approval, and booking rules for your team. Write us for details.
What if the automated locks do not work?
We have yet to have a problem with our automated locks. They are as reliable as regular keys and far more secure and convenient. Keys are also available with the providers if needed. If by chance there is a problem contact us immediately at letsgo@nestapart.com and we will make sure you gain access promptly.
How do I change the dates of a booking?
For a booking that has yet to commence please contact us asap at letsgo@nestapart.com and we will try our best to accommodate your change needs.
Where is NestApart located?
NestApart has offices in San Francisco at 156 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94105. We have corporate apartments in over 100 centrally located downtown buildings in San Francisco such as 1890 Clay St, San Francisco, Ca. 94109. 16 Jessie Street, San Francisco, Ca. 94105. 680 Mission Street, San Francisco, Ca. 94105. And many more.

If you have any questions please contact us at letsgo@nestapart.com. We will get back to you ASAP.