Gov, Mil, GSA Rate Housing

NESTAPART is proud to assist government and military personnel with flexible short and long term housing.  Whether on weekly or monthly assignments we have a solution for your stay. We have experience with many government and military agencies and can accommodate your special requirements.

  1. Flexible cancellation terms
  2. Government/military “early release” clause
  3. Government-issued credit cards accepted
  4. Special pricing to match budgets and per diem rates
  5. No security deposit required
  6. No application fees
  7. Flexible billing options
  8. Hotel style daily billing
  9. Prompt reimbursement
  10. TDY, TAD, PCS and CRC assignments welcome
  11. FSS Price List
  12. Rates fit most per diem and sliding scale needs
  13. Reliable customer service, 24x7
  14. Move-in and move-out assistance
  15. Gym and sports club included
  16. FEMA approved buildings

Message us with your dates and requirements!