The Mission

NestApart will make your next extended stay awesome! Our mission is to start your next extended business trip off right with an instant bookable high standard corporate apartment that saves time and improves your experience.

The NestApart team has years of experience from consulting & executive assignments that led to the NestApart process. We make sure your extended stay experience is great from arrival to depart - and pay attention to the details that will simplify & improve your stay.

Don't risk using unreliable and unprofessional vacation traveler properties. NestApart benefits include - instant booking, curated carefully checked 100% high standard corporate apartments & homes, immaculate cleaning standards, 24x7 service for arrival and depart, extended stay discounts on business hotels, professional prompt management for all properties, and a first class concierge service - with out the risk and hassles other services put you through for extended stays.

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What We Do

We created a system for healthier more efficient business travel that allows you to stay at high standard business traveler ready properties with time saving features, productivity improvements, restful sleep, exercise, and healthy eating built-in.

Find Us

Visit our corporate hq for booking assistance and service!

156 2nd Street, San Francisco, Ca. 94105

The Ingredients

The NestApart team carefully selects professionally managed corporate traveler ready homes, apartments, and hotels that rigorously match our business travel standard checklist. We then add amenities to the property and plug it into our productive travel system.

Our Vision

Reclaim your life when you travel for work by saving time and staying healthy. NestApart wants you to be able to hop on a flight to London, Tokyo, Beijing, NY, or San Francisco, arrive at any odd hour and automatically check-in to spacious healthy comfort enabling a productive next day. No waiting for check-in, wasting time with unhealthy food, feeling like you are in a small box, just a restful stay in a high standard hassle free property with healthy living built-in. That is our mission at NestApart and the future we are building.